Trip Leaders

Cam Huth

From my youth, I sensed that I had a relationship with God - as far as I understood Him. I would talk to Him and often sensed His response to me, though I didn’t know His name at the time. In later years, I became aware of gaps and shortcomings in my life that I tried to fill using my own initiative and strength:

  • A lack of inner peace
  • A longing to belong somewhere
  • A lack of a compelling sense of the future

Thinking education might fill that gap, I pursued a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the U of A in Edmonton. I graduated when I was 20 years old and quickly realized that education could not bring fullness, where I was empty.

So I embarked upon another, more literal journey. It would take me twenty six months and I would circumnavigate the globe looking for the answer to life’s questions. During that time I worked in Australia and in England as an engineer. But I eventually came home and realized that neither education nor world travel would fill the voids in my life.

By then I was ready to marry my boyhood sweetheart, Karen McBride. I met her when we were both 16 and for me it was love at first sight. But there were distractions along the way, so I didn’t get around to marrying her until eleven years later. We eventually had two sons, Jim and Shaun, who are to this day a great source of joy to me.

I finally encountered the living Christ at the age of 32. Although I had prayed the sinners’ prayer more than once before, it wasn’t until Good Friday of 1979 as I sat in a service, at Sherwood Park Alliance Church, listening to the story of Christ’s sacrifice for my sin that I sensed God’s Spirit wrap Himself around me. I knew then that my 32 years of searching were over at last. A great sense of inner peace enveloped me that Friday morning. Within weeks, I realized that I belonged to the family of God and eventually my life’s purpose would become clear.

By 1985, the Lord was stirring my life in a new way. This time it was a call to missions. In 1986, Karen and I moved from Alberta to the West Coast of Canada to join Campus Crusade for Christ where I became heavily involved internationally with the JESUS Film Project.

In 1989, Karen died of cancer. Jim was 15 and Shaun was 13 years old. It was following the great loss of my wife, Karen, that I learned the enduring quality of God’s peace.

Some seven years later, God gave me a new gift. Just before Christmas of 1996, as I was delivering the JESUS Film (video) door to door in my neighbourhood, I met Nan. I was first caught by her laughter and her heart for loving people. She also had an interest in telling the story of Jesus Christ to the whole world. Eighteen months after meeting her, we were married. Together we have 5 children and nine grandchildren.

Since 1986, I have traveled the world in the capacity of a missionary. From Campus Crusade (now known as Power to Change), I worked with WorldServe Ministries and finally with Empower Ministries. But in 2008, I sensed God was leading me in a different direction. In 2009, new opportunities to serve Him began to open up. I am excited to be a co-founder of Fifth Gospel Encounters along with my friend Mark Francisco. Most recently, Mark has asked me and I have agreed to take the role of Executive Pastor at Coquitlam Alliance Church.

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