Day 7: Golan Heights - Life in Jesus' Day

On your first day in the northern Galilee, you will see several important historical sites such as Gamla and learn of the devoted lives of the Zealots, who resisted the Romans as they waited for a Messiah who would save them from their political enemy. Sit around the steps of an ancient synagogue where Jesus was almost certain to have visited and learn how the Israelites worshiped in Jesus’ day. Look into the paganism of ancient Pan worship at Caesarea Philippi. How does that relate to Jesus’ call for us to take our place in His triumphant Church? Experience the crystal headwaters of the Jordan River as they gush from the foot of Mount Hermon. Visit the relocation site of the tribe of Dan. Later in the evening you will experience the start of a joyful Jewish Sabbath with a synagogue service followed by a Shabbat supper at the Kibbutz. Dinner and Overnight at a kibbutz in the Galilee,